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“Muffin Top”… It’s Time to Stop Rockin’ the Roll

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Muffin Top. The treat on the streets that you can’t eat, or seem to avoid seeing these days. With beach season just weeks away, you may want to lose, or at least lessen, that inner tube that’s been hanging out around your waist all winter. Here are the “top” 3 ways to look lean in and out of your jeans!

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Does Lady Gaga Need Lipo?

Take a look at this racy pic from Lady Gaga’s Esquire Mag shoot. Are we looking at some little saddle bags on the new Queen of Pop?

LADY-GAGA-ESQUIRE- liposuction : saddle bags : roll below butt : lipo


She’s got great legs and a great body, but a little touch-up with liposuction on her outer thighs and below her butt would give her a lot of gain for very little pain!  A procedure like this could be done in under an hour, and get her back on stage to fascinate the rest of the planet in no time.

What do you think? Does she need it?

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Photo Credit: HuffPo

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