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Surgery While You’re Awake?

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If you are considering cosmetic surgery of any kind, make sure you read this!

Prompted partly by the death of Donda West, Kayne West’s mother, a recent study published by the LA Times looked into who was actually performing cosmetic procedures in Southern California… The results are shocking!

Only 1 in 4 doctors who offer cosmetic surgery are plastic surgeons! And 40% have NO SURGICAL TRAINING at all!!

Keep Reading to find out why the combination of unqualified docs and awake surgical procedures isn’t such a good idea…

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I had liposuction…while I was awake!

There was recently an article in the New York Times about  having breast augmentation surgery while you’re awake that instantly sent a chill down my spine. I very clearly and vividly remember my own “awake”  experience from 3 years ago when I had tumescent liposuction; let me tell you how it went.

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