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How much does liposuction cost?

liposuction new yorkThere are so many things to consider if you’re thinking about having liposuction…

Laser lipo vs tumescent lipo? Multiple small procedures or one big procedure? Which surgeon should you choose? And, of course, how much does it cost?

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Laser Lipo and Tumescent Lipo

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This is an example of the incredible transformation liposuction can make when done safely, sensibly, and correctly!

This is a 37 year old woman who wanted a sexier, more feminine physique, and also wanted to fit better in her clothes (don’t we all?). She had a combined liposuction procedure using both laser liposuction and traditional liposuction techniques, and this is the truly amazing result less than two months after her surgery.

The overall difference in her shape and size is remarkable, but even at this early stage you can’t find a single ripple, wrinkle, lump or bump. She’s obviously thrilled with these results, which are very uncommon when liposuction is performed in the wrong setting by the wrong people. Make sure your plastic surgeon is qualified to be doing procedures like this before you sign on the dotted line, and if a price seems too good to be true, just remember that it probably is.

If you have any questions about laser liposuction or tumescent liposuction, feel free to contact us at 917-703-7069 (call or text), or send us a message through our website at

Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon New York

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NOTICE: None of the celebrities or individuals discussed here have ever received treatment, surgery, medical advice, or evaluations from any author, physician, surgeon, or representative of this blog. All images and photos in this article represent models only. No actual patients or clients are shown.

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Is SmartLipo better than Traditional Liposuction?

liposuction new york, liposuction NYC, plastic surgery, plastic surgeon nyc, dr plastic surgeonThere’s a reason that liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world: it works. Not just in the physical sense, either—most people who undergo liposuction emerge from the experience more satisfied with and confident about their body.

With all of the liposuction techniques out there, how do you pick the best one?

A lot of doctors out there right now are pushing hard for SmartLipo (also known as “laser lipolysis”) as the most appealing option, claiming that traditional liposuction just doesn’t cut it anymore in light of the new technologies that are available. But are they right?

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Can Liposuction Lower Your Cholesterol?

Liposuction by NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MASAccording to research presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, liposuction may have more than a cosmetic benefit!

The researchers discovered that triglyceride levels were as much as 43% lower in a small group of patients who had were diagnosed with high triglycerides before having liposuction. The study was very small, and has quite a few limitations, but it’s still an interesting result!

Of course, this isn’t a reason for everyone with high cholesterol to rush out and get liposuction. There are risks associated with the procedure, and those risks increase exponentially with conditions like obesity and heart disease, which are both associated with high cholesterol.

In addition, it’s still unclear whether the reduction in triglyceride levels was a permanent change, or whether it actually led to any real health benefits. It’s also important to note that there were no changes in any other type of cholesterol (HDL, LDL, or Total Cholesterol), and that the gold standard for reducing triglycerides is still simple common sense dietary adjustments!

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia MD of MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery Plastic Surgery New York Plastic Surgeon NYCNicholas Vendemia, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon, New York City
MAS / Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

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Tickle Lipo! Is it a laughing matter? Or a laughing stock?

Tickle Lipo, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, has been generating some press lately for it’s role in making the experience of liposuction more comfortable… or laughable in some cases!

The principle behind Tickle Liposuction is not a new one. Many dentists and plastic surgeons have used vibration to lessen the sensation of pain during numbing injections for years, and this is the exact principle that Tickle Lipo employs. The liposuction cannulas themselves vibrate and rotate at a very high speed to “trick” your nerves into feeling a sensation other than pain, and some patients have described it as “ticklish”… hence the name!

The theory behind Tickle Lipo makes sense, but does it translate into practical results? Or is it just another gimmick procedure?

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LipoDissolve, Mesotherapy, and Fat Dissolving Injections!

lipodissolve, mesotherapy, fat dissolving injections, fat transfer, Liposuction by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic SurgeryWhether its love handles, stomach, or saddle bags, we all have those “problem areas” that wont go away no matter how much we work out!

Traditionally, these problem areas are perfect candidates for liposuction, but recently there has been quite a bit of buzz about treating these areas with fat dissolving injections! However, this treatment has not been FDA approved yet… so is it worth it, or is it better to stick with regular liposuction?

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Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck to Banish a Post-Baby Belly

tummy tuck vs liposuction, tummy tuck info, liposuction info, how to get rid of belly fat


Did pregnancy leave you with prune-like paunch?

Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that your body goes through all kinds of changes while you’re pregnant. Once you’ve given birth,many of those changes to are there  to stay whether you like it or not.

For most women these changes center around the abdominal area. Your skin expands and stretches to accommodate your baby during pregnancy which can lead to excess drooping skin on your stomach. The muscles inside your abdominal may also become loose and lax due to pregnancy, which further exacerbates that saggy look.

Some women get lucky, and they experience only minimal stretching from pregnancy which they can counter with a healthy lifestyle (Giselle anyone?). The majority of women, however, don’t get off so easily and for them, no amount of fresh vegetables and exercise will restore their tummy to what it was before they had children.

When weight loss and toning aren’t enough to banish that bulge you may consider plastic surgery. Everyone knows that liposuction and tummy tucks work wonders for smoothing your stomach, but it can be confusing to decide which one is the right choice.

Here is a quick guide to when to suck it up and when to tuck it up. Read on for more about liposuction vs tummy tucks for smoothing your post-baby bump!

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