Can Plastic Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

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As you might have expected, this is somewhat of a trick question 🙂

The answer is Yes and No let’s start with the No…


Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Not “Weight Loss” Operations

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “How much did it weigh?” after someone has a tummy tuck, liposuction, or a breast reduction. They are referring to the tissue or fat that was removed during the procedure. “Doc, how much weight did I lose from this?” Unfortunately, not much.

Even the biggest tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction specimens weigh only a few pounds, which is why these procedures are not “weight loss” operations. When I say that, I mean that their purpose is not weight loss. These procedures are intended to make you look and feel better, plain and simple. The biggest breast reduction I’ve done is 2500 grams (“I” cup to a “D” cup), which sounds like a huge amount of weight, but it’s only about 5lbs of tissue. While 5lbs is nothing to scoff at, losing that amount of weight isn’t going to change most people’s lives. The breast reduction is a life-changer, but the 5lb weight loss isn’t…

Weight loss surgery is it’s own specialty which is commonly referred to as “Bariatric” surgery. Gastric bands and bypasses are the mainstays of treatment in this field, and unlike “Body Contouring” procedures like breast reductions, tummy tucks and liposuction, these operations are intended for weight loss. There are very strict criteria to decide who qualifies for these surgeries, so check with a reputable bariatric surgeon if you have any questions. Body contouring surgeries are very popular after bariatric surgery, but they are different operations that are not meant to make you lose more weight.


Even though body contouring procedures are not meant to make you lose weight, they definitely help the cause!

There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to be more active with D cup breasts than with GG cups! There’s no doubt that you’ll feel better about wearing tight gym clothes without that tummy hanging over the front of your shorts. There’s no doubt that suddenly being able to fit into smaller sizes after liposuction will lift your spirits enough to get you to the gym.

I’ve seen it many times. That same breast reduction I mentioned above went on to lose 30lbs because she was able to workout regularly (something she was never able to do do because of her breast size). I performed a tummy tuck on a woman who was so happy that she didn’t have to look at her tummy hanging over the front of her jeans anymore, she also started going to the gym, lost 25lbs, got a new job, and feels like a totally different person. It doesn’t happen to everyone who has body contouring surgery, but it definitely does happen.

There are a few other more embarrassing problems that body contouring procedures can help. Men who have breasts (gynecomastia) are tremendously embarrassed to go the gym or be seen at the beach, and often times these poor guys are pretty lacking in the motivation category. A simple procedure designed to remove the breast tissue that isn’t supposed to be there can change their lives, even more so that a breast reduction in a woman!

Similarly, a labiaplasty can have the same positive effects for a woman. Women with very large labia minora can feel very self conscious about wearing gym shorts or bathing suits, and can even have trouble with activities such as biking because of pain. Removing the extra tissue can make life easier all around by enhancing self-esteem and making it more comfortable to exercise. Labiplasty can be a part of a Mommy Makeoverclick here to learn more!

So, here’s the bottom line…

You won’t lose weight from the procedure itself, but you may very well lose some afterwards when you feel better looking in the mirror and trying on your clothes! Body contouring operations can be very uplifting (pun intended!) in many different ways, and who doesn’t need a little lift once in while?

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One response to “Can Plastic Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

  1. Kitty22

    Even though I went down a jean size immediately after my lipo, I was shocked that the scale barely moved at all!
    It’s so important for people to know that lipo doesn’t replace the gym & a good diet. It DOES make you look better while you work it in that Lycra though!

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