Should you get liposuction if you’re “Skinny Fat”?

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Skinny fat. It’s a blessing and a curse.

We all know those Hollywood ladies who weigh about 90lbs but still manage to look a little flabby. How can that be?

The truth is, skinny doesn’t always mean that you’re fit. In fact, that’s exactly the reason why so many skinny fat leading ladies still turn to liposuction to help get rid of  their flab, no matter how small it is. The problem is that the procedure is not as straightforward as it is when there isn’t much fat to suck out.

Keep reading to get the skinny on skinny fat liposuction…

The Skinny!

Liposuction is traditionally used to remove excess pockets of fat along the tummy, hips, arms, neck and thighs of people with average to moderately heavy body types. Your plastic surgeon will use specially designed liposuction cannulas to literally suck out the fat from under your skin. Although it isn’t as complicated as some other cosmetic surgeries, the procedure needs to be done by a qualified plastic surgeon who is familiar with body contouring. Trust us, it’s not as easy as it looks… especially if you’re skinny fat!

Too Much on Too Little!

Tara Reid in bikini, pictures of bad liposuction, Tara Reid's botched lipo


Tara Reid is the classic picture of skinny fat lipo gone majorly wrong! Tara was stunningly slim in 2004 when she decided that her skinny-fat frame could use some “abs”. Yep, that’s right. Rather than spend a few grand on a good personal trainer to help her tone up, she blew it on bogus plastic surgery that left her permanently deformed.

One of the main risks of liposuction is skin dimpling. This problem is possible even in the true chubbies, but it is much more likely in someone who’s skinny fat. In order to avoid dimpling and “shark bites”, two things need to happen:

  1. Your surgeon has to know what he’s doing and not be too aggressive about sucking fat out.
  2. You need to have enough body fat to allow a thin layer of fat to be left behind  right below your skin. If all you have is a thin layer of fat to begin with, it’s very likely that you’ll wind up with some dimples. “The deeper layers of fat are the ones that should be sucked out… not the fat immediately below the skin’s surface. This is impossible to do in someone like Tara because there are no deeper layers.” says our very own Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, who is a Plastic Surgeon in New York City. “The proof is in the pudding” says Dr. V. “When someone gets bad dimples, guess what the treatment is? Putting the fat back as a graft! This should tell you that it probably should have never been taken in the first place.”

Since Tara started out with just some loose skin and a major lack of muscle tone (i.e. SKINNY FAT), the little layer of fat that she chose to remove left her without anything to support her skin. That’s how she got that awful wrinkly prune belly! She got too much when she had too little!

You need to have some fat to keep the surface of your skin looking smooth and supple, and lowering your body fat percentage through diet and exercise rather than liposuction will leave you with a six pack instead of a prune belly 🙂 Cheating by trying to “shape up” with liposuction is a recipe for disaster if you’re underweight to begin with.

A well trained and honest plastic surgeon would have denied her the procedure and saved her figure. We can’t say it enough: research your doctor thoroughly before you even go for a consult!

A Little Too Much!

Hilary Swank bikini pics, best bikini bodies, Hilary Swank


Hilary Swank is the perfect example of someone who is skinny-FIT (not skinny fat) and could still use a little liposuction to help contour her curves. Trust us, we don’t by any means think that Hilary is fat! She’s got a super sexy body, but she’s got saddle bags in the making.

This is the PERFECT indication for liposuction.” says Dr. V. “Isolated fat pockets like this on an otherwise fit and healthy woman respond best to liposuction. It would be impossible to lipo her lean tummy, but that tiny pocket of fat on her lateral thigh would be gone in about 30 minutes!”

If you are thin and  healthy, but still have a spot or two where the pudge won’t budge, consider a little lipo. Always find out what kind of training your surgeon has had to keep yourself on the safe side, and to get the best result.

Who knows, maybe you could be the next Lipo Beauty Bombshell!

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  1. If you are a naturally slim build without much muscle but find that you have annoying areas of fat such as a pot belly and love handles, then you fall into the classic category of the “skinny fat guy syndrome”.

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