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Sisters On The Run After Bogus Silicone Injections!

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Guadalupe and Alejandra Viveros are on the run from authorities in California after a “patient” of theirs died from complications related to silicone injections into her buttocks. They were taken into custody on June 21st, but were released on bail. And of course, neither of the Viveros sisters is a plastic surgeon, a doctor, or licensed medical provider of any kind!

Awful stories like this are becoming all too common. Not too long ago, we told you about a women who died from complications of liposuction in a bogus clinic in Mexico. Before that, we reported on a group of women in New Jersey who were hospitalized with terrible infections after getting fake silicone injected into their butts. And before that, we released data from a study that revealed that over 40% of people offering cosmetic surgery procedures in California have no surgical training at all!

Ladies, please, please, please do your homework on your doctor before you let anyone do anything to your body! Cosmetic surgery is serious business with serious consequences if you don’t play it safe. If you can’t afford a legit plastic surgeon, just wait until you can… you might save a few grand by letting the Viveros sisters inject you in their apartment, but you could end up paying the ultimate price like 22-year old Mayra Contreras.

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Complications of Liposuction… How To Spot Them and How To Avoid Them!

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by Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.

Grooves, lines, dimples, “shark bites”, saggy skin… these are all signs of bad liposuction, and are all very difficult to fix.

Who’s the unlucky girl in the photo?

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7 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Slimmer This Summer!

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Want to turn heads like supermodel Elle Macpherson? Stand up straight!

You heard us right. Even if  you don’t quite have your bikini body yet, this is the fastest, easiest way to pull off the confident look that really lets your beauty shine through. As women, we often slump to try to hide the bumps that bug us: your belly, your butt, or your bust. Not only does this not fool anyone, it actually makes all three look worse than they are!

Read on for 7 quick tips on how to “drop 10 pounds” with good posture.

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