Tara Reid Had Fat Grafting To Fix Her Tummy After Liposuction

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Tara Reid is definitely no stranger to cosmetic surgery, and this time it is her tummy that’s getting her the media attention.

Tara had a few dimples and skin irregularities after having liposuction a while ago, and now she’s looking more like herself in her new bikini!  The lumps and bumps are gone, and her belly is looking bodacious again.

How did she do it?  Fat Grafting did the trick.

How do you get skin dimpling after liposuction?

The most common problem after liposuction, especially in someone as thin as Tara, is dimpling of the skin. Skin dimpling happens when:

  1. the plastic surgeon tries to get rid of “all” the fat
  2. the plastic surgeon uses liposuction cannulas that are too large
  3. you don’t wear your compression garment after surgery
  4. your plastic surgeon isn’t a “real” plastic surgeon

How can you fix skin dimpling?

The best treatment in the case of skin dimpling is preventing it in the first place with a good compression garment, but if you wind up with skin dimples anyway, fat grafting is the answer.  If your surgeon is savvy enough to save some of the fat from your original procedure, he can inject that fat back to fill in any contour irregularities that develop.  This can be done during your original surgery if a dimple develops immediately, or after about 3 months when the swelling subsides enough to make a good judgement on which areas need to be grafted. If no fat was saved from your first procedure, your surgeon can liposuction a little more fat from another area (like your thighs) and use that fat to fill in the problem areas.

We don’t know why Tara got skin dimples in the first place, but we think that surgeon she chose probably had something to do with it… if you notice, her breast implants also look much better than they did a few years ago. Did she finally find a good plastic surgeon to fix the problems that another one created?  Hmmmm….

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