Zeltiq, Zerona & LipoDissolve. Short-Cut Procedures For Short-Cut Results

Looking for an easy way to lose fat without surgery?  Well, keep looking.  The new nonsurgical techniques that are being highly touted (mostly by the companies who make the devices) aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Sure, the treatments don’t involve actual surgery, but in exchange for a chance to get away with no incisions, you also get away with no results. The Before & After pictures that most companies and doctors show you take a lot of imagination to see a difference, and most of the testimonials you’ll find online come from people who have been compensated in some way by the companies who manufacture the machines.

Although it may seem like these procedures will save you money, the companies usually fail to mention that they need to be repeated for several weeks or months before you will begin to notice any results.  This means that in the long run, they usually work out to be much more expensive than the one-time surgical options like liposuction (especially since most people end up paying for real liposuction anyway!)


zeltiq, coosculpting, liposuction, beauty, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, fat lossCoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a noninvasive technique that supposedly “freezes” and kills the fat cells beneath your skin. Once the cells are dead, the claim is that the body dissolves them and makes you thinner.  If you decide to have the procedure, you’ll sit in someone’s office for an hour and a half once a week for several months with huge freezing-cold suction cups clamping down on your love handles. And what do you get after all those uncomfortable and expensive treatments?  Not much. Even the best before and after pictures don’t show much of a difference.


Zerona, coosculpting, liposuction, beauty, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, fat lossZerona by Erchonia is another noninvasive laser system that “melts” and kills the fat beneath your skin, which supposedly stimulates your body to dissolve the dead fat and make you skinnier. Since this technique works on the same general idea as Zeltiq, guess what?  You get the same non-existent results. You also get to waste plenty of time and money repeating the treatments.


LipoDissolve is the third noninvasive way to get rid of unnecessary bodyfat, but is it any better than Zeltiq or Zerona?  Not a chance.  If you have LipoDissolve, your doctor (or “practitioner”) will give you hundreds (or thousands) of injections of a mixture of chemicals that are similar to the ones that your gallbladder uses to dissolve the fat that you eat. These chemicals supposedly dissolve the fat under your skin in the same way they dissolve it in your intestine, but they don’t seem to do much when they’re used for cosmetic purposes. LipoDissolve is less expensive than Zeltiq or Zerona, but it unfortunately doesn’t work any better.  Plus, it’s more painful because real needles are used, and it’s NOT approved by the FDA because of concerns over safety!

While the companies would like us to believe that these techniques are the wave of the future for fat loss, chances are that they aren’t. The results are not impressive, the overall cost of repeated treatments is usually more expensive than liposuction, and even though they are not “surgical” procedures, they are not always more comfortable. Keep in mind that the results of liposuction are almost immediate, and the scars you get from the “surgery” as so small that they are nearly invisible once they are fully healed.

The rule of thumb with cosmetic surgery is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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MAS / Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

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3 responses to “Zeltiq, Zerona & LipoDissolve. Short-Cut Procedures For Short-Cut Results

  1. Hi,

    I commend you on your honest, unbiased, and “right on views” about Zerona and Lipodissolve. I have not come to the conclusion yet that Zeltiq is a farce like the other two modalities. It is refreshening to read the truth once and awhile. Thank you.

    Dr. Persky
    Facial Plastic Surgery
    Encino, CA

  2. MAS

    Hi Dr. Persky,

    Thanks for your comment and kind words.

    Our opinion of Zeltiq isn’t so much that it’s a complete farce. There is some science behind the idea, and the story of how it was developed is actually very interesting.

    The problem is that the results (when they are visible at all) are so incredibly minuscule, you could just as easily chalk them up to losing a few pounds during the 4 weeks of treatments, or retaining a little less water weight. I can’t imagine sitting through so many treatments for results that you could either get in 20 minutes of office-based liposuction, or simply by cutting your meal portions in half for 2 weeks. It doesn’t make sense to us, but it’s always a matter of personal preference.

    As a side note, an expert panel of plastic surgeons at the 2010 ASAPS meeting in Washington DC concluded that there was no objective difference in the Before and After’s with Zeltiq, and their study was actually quite well designed. We have also seen presentations at several other national meetings, and we’re always beside ourselves when we see the before and after pictures that are shown on the big screens… perhaps our eyes are getting old, but we really have to strain to see a difference.

    Thanks for reading and writing 🙂

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