“Muffin Top”… It’s Time to Stop Rockin’ the Roll

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Muffin Top. The treat on the streets that you can’t eat, or seem to avoid seeing these days. With beach season just weeks away, you may want to lose, or at least lessen, that inner tube that’s been hanging out around your waist all winter. Here are the “top” 3 ways to look lean in and out of your jeans!

1. Eat Clean Food and Move!

You’re rolling your eyes because you know this, but you’re reading it because you’re rolling over the top of your 7’s! Ladies, keep it simple; fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains. Lucky for us, summer brings the best bunch of fresh, affordable produce. Chicken, veggie burgers, and fish are all easy to grill and taste delicious. Try to keep the carbs to a minimum. Oatmeal for breakfast is great, and it’s about all the carbs you need if you want to get rid of the roll. Also, salt, sugar, and alcohol make you retain water, so kick ’em to the curb too!

Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio a day to help melt your winter weight. Make your workouts count too! Shuffling to the fridge and back to the couch doesn’t cut it. Join a volleyball team or jog in a local park. Treat yourself to some new workout clothes or download some new tunes to keep you motivated. Better yet, grab a friend to keep each other going!

2. Fashion That Fits!

You’re favorite jeans are too tight to button, but you’re wearing them anyway. Why would you want to look like you went shopping at Baby Gap? Wearing clothes that fit you well will instantly slim you down. Create leaner lines by shopping for the body you have now, and keep those tight tops and bottoms for an extra incentive to stick to your plan. If you can’t quit trying to fit, at least smooth things over with some shape-wear like Spanx or Yummie Tummies.

3. Find a Plastic Surgeon

You’ve tried the first two suggestions, but that pudge won’t budge. You may have exercise resistant fat, which only has one treatment… liposuction! Isolated areas, such as a belly pooch or that roll over the back of your jeans, are easy to get rid of for good when a trained plastic surgeon sculpts them away. Do your research first and skip the gimmicks (pills and creams aren’t gonna do it, sorry!).

There you have it!  Embrace your body by taking care of it from the inside out. Unlike Lady Gaga, you’re not bluffin’ with that muffin!

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