Did Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon Have Liposuction?

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NYC’s most fabulous Housewife Kelly Bensimon was spotted looking impossibly lean on the beach in Miami recently. What do you think?  Lots of leg lifts?  Or lots of liposuction?

Although it’s tempting to say that her tight bod is from lots of liposuction, chances are that this 42 year old mother of two is mostly natural.  There’s no denying that she’s got a little silicone goin’ on with those breast implants, but we don’t think her plastic surgeon had much to do with her tummy.

Here’s why:

Reason #1- She’s a model… A real one.

Everyone loves to pull the plastic surgery card whenever they feel like hating on someone with freaky “model” genetics, but the fact of the matter is that there are women out there who do have naturally amazing bodies, and there’s a reason why those women end up as models.  Kelly’s been blessed with that kind of body… super tall, super lean, and super toned. That’s why her married last name is Bensimon, why she’s a Real Housewife, and why Bethenny can’t stand her 🙂

Reason #2- She’s got a serious six-pack.

Did you ever wonder where the lines of six-pack abs come from? They come from dense connective tissue between the abdominal muscles and the skin. That connective tissue becomes visible when you get really thin, and that’s how you get those lines. However, when you have liposuction (or a tummy tuck), most of that connective tissue is cut (or at least disrupted), and a thin layer of scar tissue forms between the skin and your muscles.  Because of that, it’s pretty uncommon to get a real six-pack again after those procedures. Think about it… if you don’t have that connective tissue anymore, you’ll never see those lines again, no matter how thin you get. Your tummy will be super flat after those procedures, but it’s not very likely that you’ll look like Kelly.

Reason #3- Look beyond her midsection.

The easiest way to tell that she’s just ridiculously lean is that it’s not only her tummy that’s ripped.  You can see the ribs and muscles in the center of her chest, and her arms look like she could be a fitness pro. There’s really one key though… see those sharp lines on the front of her hips going down into her groin? Those lines also come from dense connective tissue adhering to the skin, and they are impossible to get from liposuction! Sometimes abs can be “etched” with special liposuction cannulas (even though they never look like Kelly’s abs), but those groin lines can never be created… even by the best hands in the cosmetic surgery business.

Sorry Bethenny… we can’t help you hate on Kelly this time… maybe later though 🙂

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