I had liposuction…while I was awake!

There was recently an article in the New York Times about  having breast augmentation surgery while you’re awake that instantly sent a chill down my spine. I very clearly and vividly remember my own “awake”  experience from 3 years ago when I had tumescent liposuction; let me tell you how it went.

I am a big baby when it comes to pain- especially needles! I was also very afraid of being “put to sleep” and having a breathing tube during surgery. So, I was psyched when I found a plastic surgeon that preferred local anesthesia with sedation. His rationale was that he liked to have his patients stand up at the end of surgery to “see” their results, and that it would make things a little more affordable since there was no anesthesiologist fee. I was reassured that I would be “comfortable” and not feel any real pain since the area would be numb.

The day of my surgery arrived and I was nervous as hell! After getting my IV started, I thought the worst was over. Umm, not so. Yes, I was pretty drowsy, but I was still awake! That meant hearing the noise of the suction machine, being aware of where I was and what was really going on, and feeling a lot more poking, prodding and pinching than I expected. Trust me, my sedation was not very deep and it was almost impossible for me to hold still and not kick my doc every time he jabbed a little agressively. Did it hurt? No. Was it astonishingly unpleasant and uncomfortable? Oh-my-god yes!!! And for 2 and half hours!

Overall, I was thrilled to get rid of my gush. Actually, I wish I had done it a lot sooner. I also wish I had done it under full anesthesia.

The reality is this: it was not a good time. Period. Looking back, I realized that the amount of money I saved wasn’t that much and that the doctor was able to collect more from me without having to share it with an anesthesiologist. Also, as far as being able to see how I looked in the “OR”… your body gets so distorted from all of the tumescent fluid that it’s impossible for an untrained eye (mine) to say whether or not I think it looks good.  Plus, I was so doped up from the sedatives and pain pills that my opinion was about as valid as it would be after 10 shots of Patron!

I love having my dream body, and I’m glad I had the procedure.  I only wish I had been dreaming instead of watching!

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