The Liposuction Neck Lift: A Tighter Neck in Under an Hour!


Most people think of liposuction when their jeans start to feel a little tight in the thighs, or when they feel a little pooch over their waistband. While lipo can definitely work wonders on the saddle bags and the tummy, it can also help you get a tighter, younger-looking neck in under an hour.

The procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia, although you may want to consider having an anesthesiologist give you a little happy juice to take the edge off. Once you’re off to La-La land, your plastic surgeon will make a tiny incision behind your each ear, and then gently liposuction your neck and jawline from both sides. Sometimes it is necessary to make another small incision under the chin to get all the fat out, or to repair any weakened muscles in the front of your neck, but no worries… none of these incisions are visible once they are fully healed, and there are usually no stitches to take out.

When you wake up, you will probably have a tight band around your neck, head and chin that your surgeon will expect you to wear for at least a week, and possibly two to three. This band is very important to keep swelling to a minimum, and to help the sagging skin retract. It takes several months for the skin to fully retract, but you’ll notice that your neck looks better immediately.

Liposuction is a great technique to rejuvenate your neck, but it isn’t for everyone. This procedure rarely produces the dramatic change that can be seen with surgical neck lifts, but will offer excellent results to men and women who are looking for a subtle improvement in their profiles, or sharper jawlines. Sometimes, more involved procedures are necessary to offer a noticeable result, so ask your plastic surgeon which option will give you the best, longest lasting outcome.

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